Passionate about grass-roots football

and performance coaching


At Pro Football Academy we eat, sleep and breathe football, and share the passion of the beautiful game with all our footie-crazed kids!  Children of all abilities are welcome; from beginners to aspiring Ronaldo's!  We offer one-to-one coaching, group sessions, after-school clubs and much more, so your child can live the dream.  See our coaching programme by clicking the icon below.


Marco papa

Founder of PFA, Marco's passion for the beautiful game is limitless, and with 2 children of his own it was always his destiny to inspire kids through football - no VAR required!

michael dwane

Coach Michael believes training sessions should be challenging but enjoyable, and to use football to develop the player AND the individual.  That's a win in our books!

Happy Birthday to Soccer with lots of balls on green grass_edited.jpg


Designed for World-beating athletes to hone their ball control and dribbling prowess!

group sessions

Unlocking team synergy and working those beautiful triangles into a well-oiled machine!

footie parties

Fun, friends and footie!  Celebrate in style and capture the glory on their special day!

“Harrison looks forward to his training session with Marco.  Not only does he continue to learn new things, it’s an enjoyable environment with a passionate coach.”

ashley. s